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Beginners & Intermediates

Monday July 3 (Blind Tasting Practice Class )
5:30 to 8:30
Class and Tasting $25.00
Wine Class With Jose


This is an on-going class/club. We will get together every Monday.
This class/club is for intermediate to advanced students, or people who really want to learn more about the basics of wine.


Class is usually formatted the following way:
Video (if Available )
Test about the class
Tasting 6 - 8 wines

Blind Tasting Practice Class
Monday July 3

This class is presented by:
Jose Reyes ( Certified Sommelier )

The $25 will cover the wine for the class.
( You will taste 6 wines, some of them blindly! )
Plus a tapas plate.

Reservations Required. Call 373-6141 or
Send us an e-mail to