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Beginners & Intermediates

Monday June 19 (Rhone Valley: Part I Northern Rhone)
5:30 to 8:30
Class and Tasting $25.00
Wine Class With Jose

This is an on-going class/club. We will get together every Monday.
This class/club is for intermediate to advanced students, or people who really want to learn more about the basics of wine.


Class is usually formatted the following way:
Video (if Available )
Test about the class
Tasting 6 - 8 wines

Rhone Valley ( Part I : Northern Rhone )
Monday June 19

Northern Rhone is the land of Syrah and few whites like Viognier,
Marsanne and Roussanne. Come to class to learn about these
incredidible areas like Cote Rotie and Hermitage!

This class is presented by:
Jose Reyes ( Certified Sommelier )

The $25 will cover the wine for the class.
( You will taste 6 wines, some of them blindly! )
Plus a tapas plate.

Reservations Required. Call 373-6141 or
Send us an e-mail to